Our 'Colorful' Past

How do you turn the nightly battle, also known as bathtime, into a fun and safe experience? That was the problem three sisters sitting around a kitchen table were discussing. Bubbles made bathtime more fun, but didn’t last though the whole bath and carried the risk of causing skin irritation or infections. Adult products were expensive and not kid-friendly. What about making the water itself more fun?! 
Introducing Color My Bath, a company dedicated to creating fun bathtime experiences and happy memories for kids and caregivers. Their full line of fizzy, colorful bath tablets turns bathtime into every kid’s favorite time! 
Color My Bath is proudly made in the USA with ingredients that are 100% pure, including food grade colors, Color My Bath creates fun and inspires creativity with each colorful bath. Never adding soaps or fragrances means tablets that are completely safe and pH balanced. And, to answer the big question, Color My Bath tablets do not stain the tub, towels, skin or hair. Color My Bath truly makes bathtime a treat for kids and caregivers—instead of a nightly battle. It’s water . . . only better!
Each jar contains tablets in the primary colors: red, blue, and yellow. This allows kids to have fun (and learn) by mixing the primaries to create the secondary colors: orange, green, and purple—and an unlimited rainbow variations from there. It’s a new toy every night because the colors are always different!
The sisters took their idea to market, and the rest, as they say, is history! Color My Bath has been making bathtime bliss ever since.

This great idea for bathtime became a great idea for potty training too! Whiz Kids gives kids and caregivers a fun, guilt-free approach to potty training. Kids gain some control over the process by choosing the color and shape of the tablet they drop into the potty before they go. The fun of seeing the fizzy color makes the big potty more engaging and less scary. Whiz Kids tablets are pressed in fun shapes (hearts, diamonds, and stars) and are formulated in the secondary colors.
Another innovation for us was our approach to our packaging. We had the specialty retailer in mind and decided on a ‘boutique’ approach. Packaged in three, fun, distinctive label designs gives retailers the greatest opportunity to sell. Retailers have the freedom to choose the label that best fits their personal style. We also offers the options of a 200 tablet jar or a 300 tablet jar—something only Color My Bath and H2O La La! offer.CMB_LogoSplash